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Let’s tell you more about this European legend. To do this let’s go back 100 years and start listing a few of the many innovations and inventions Thomson has enriched the tech world with. In the 1920s Thomson was involved with the transmission of the 1st radio program. And then some years later it had the 1st patents for radar technology. Then came the 1950s and 60s, this decades saw incredible developments. Colour television tech (SECAM) was invented and then first Thomson refrigerators were launched.


Form follows function. That is the recipe of every Thomson product. First Thomson makes sure a cutting edge product is created and then gives it a design that makes it perfect for today’s youth.

While Thomson has always been a giant when it came to technology and science, it was its brand philosophy that not only set it apart from the rest but also fuelled its success. Right from the start, Thomson set itself apart with a very distinct and focussed mission statement. This guided the brand to create products that were ahead in there of performance and a class apart when it came to designing.

Thomson knew its consumer very well. Being a trendsetter and a leader itself it recognized the fact that people wanted products that were different and with personality. This not only had to come from how they performed but also how they looked. This is where Thomson hit the ball out of the park. Every product that has the honor of being a part of the Thomson audio range is designed with the utmost care. The materials and components used are also at the top of their game. Together this has made Thomson a leader in the International market.

Today the Thomson label can be seen across the World. If you hear great music pouring out of a home or a bunch of fun-loving teens dancing to their own tune chances are a Thomson product is involved.

In India Thomson is following the same path that is now a part of history. Here again, the technology being introduced is at the top. Build quality and the materials that are being used are supreme. And the proof of the pudding is that the music that pours out is so rich and powerful it gets your body tingling.

That’s probably why in just a short time Thomson is the preferred brand of most youth in India today. You too can join this family. Check out the Thomson range of audio products and pick up one. Once you do you will see that there is no going back to other names. It will always be Thomson for you.