Envent World

About us


Have you ever heard a guitar scream? Or felt bass that made your entire body vibrate? Or heard a whisper that was meant for somebody else’s ear? Sound. Music. And the technology that drives them, this is our world. Our playing field where we innovate and push boundaries. To create audio devices and their peripherals that are way beyond anything that you might have experienced.
It all started in the year 2012. A group of professionals with years of experience in digital technology got together to set up Envent. The idea was simple. Create a range of world class audio products. And make sure that they did not cost the earth. Today we can proudly say ‘Mission Successful’!At Envent a simple statement guides us. “It’s all in here” is like a light that shines to give us direction. What it means is a commitment to deliver more than expected. To offer value for money and make sure every department – Product Design, R&D, Customer Care, and the rest – deliver beyond the ordinary and to create products that satisfy customers totally.

Every consumer asks for something different. Some want bass, others volume, lots asked for better value, the list is endless and the list of the desired features never stop. Looking into our product range we realized we have been and continue to offer everything that any consumer could ever ask for.
As a team, brand and a company we have always been living and delivering our mission statement – It’s all in here! To us it is a promise to deliver more than expectations. To ensure that not only is nothing left out but more is always given. Each of our products is created with this as our guide.
To consumers it means a little more. It asks them to take us for granted. To always expect more. And to believe that when they open the packaging of an Envent product they will get it all – design, technology, features, value for money and peace of mind.
If you have any specific questions regarding our product or services or are interested in joining us send us a message to wecare@enventworld.com


It takes a lot of make our products and we give it all we have. To ensure quality and performance we start with the best materials sourced from international manufacturers.


Great technology needs great design. It is a relationship that makes both bigger than they are. We ensure design gets top prority. What’s happening in the market now, future trends and the rest are monitored. These are clubbed with ergonomics, ease of use and eco friendly practices to ensure we deliver a range that is fantastic inside & out.


While every component, material and input is checked before assembly we ensure that every product checked thoroughly once it is constructed.

Independent testers do this without any bais. They have very high standards and merciless when it comes to making such every model meets their expectations